Prior Art & Patent Searchs

patent servicesPrior art searches to determine if your invention is really yours.  By statute (or law) one needs to determine if what they hope to patent is not patented by someone else.

In biotechnology and immunology there are large numbers of patents covering a range of inventions. A search can help you make the decision to patent or not to patent. A search will also help you understand the potential issues around what is freedom to operate. Freedoms to operate boils down to can you use your invention without infringing (using) someone else’s patented invention. It will find the patents that you may need to license to use your patented process.

They can also be strategic and help you determine if you can block another entity from using your invention, and that could lead to a license of your invention. These searches can range from a basic search of the United States Patent and Trademark Office or more extensive international searches.